• Indium
  • Properties
  • A rare metal, chemical element with symbol In belongs to group Ⅲ, period 5 in the periodic table- the boiling point 2072℃, density 7.31g/cm3 and melting point as low as 156.6. Its low melting point makes it stick to or wet the surface.
    The unique properties increase the corrosion resistance of the surface and form an adhesive film. Indium is recovered mainly from zinc smelting process, not existing as independent mineral form in the nature, and widely used for manufacturing and bonding ITO targets.
  • Product specification
  • Name: Indium (In)
    Product shape: Ingot(1 or 3kg bar) , Granule
    Purity: higher than 99.995%(4N5)
  • Indium
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